Which apple are you?

My friend, mentor, and hopefully future colleague, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, recently shared with me the link to a TED Talk with Philip Zimbardo as the lecturer. If that name sounds familiar, you may recall his famous Stanford Prison Experiment that went awry, but taught us some valuable lessons. It was the beginning of understanding how good people can become bad.

The TED Talk is one worth watching. I would encourage my readers to watch and listen for yourself. I found it enlightening and Dr. Zimbardo gives an explanation that should be further explored in the area of social media. The following picture is courtesy of Philip Zimbardo’s TED Talk:

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Cyberbullying: A Social Dysfunction

We are a social species. We need social interaction not to survive, but to thrive. With a relatively young “world wide web” of social media, it plays an enormous role in the lives of teens on a daily basis. The internet has become an escape for a teen, but there is a feeling of no escape when the teen is faced with a cyberbully. The cyberbully sucks his/her victim in and it is a relentless grip on the victims’ psyche.

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