12 Rules for Success


The value of time
The success of perseverance
The pleasure of working
The dignity of simplicity
The worth of character
The power of kindness
The influence of example
The obligation of duty
The wisdom of economy
The virtue of patience
The improvement of talent
The joy of originating

~ Marshall Field


Truth and Actuality

Truth is defined as:

Main Entry: truth
Pronunciation: \ˈtrüth\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural truths \ˈtrüthz, ˈtrüths\
Etymology: Middle English trewthe, from Old English trēowth fidelity; akin to Old English trēowe faithful — more at true
Date: before 12th century
1 a archaic : fidelity, constancy b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance 2 a (1) : the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true c : the body of true statements and propositions 3 a : the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality b chiefly British : true 2 c : fidelity to an original or to a standard 4 capitalized Christian Science : god
— in truth : in accordance with fact : actually

Actuality is defined as:

Main Entry: ac·tu·al·i·ty
Pronunciation: \ˌak-chə-ˈwa-lə-tē, ˌak-shə-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ac·tu·al·i·ties
Date: 1618
1 : the quality or state of being actual 2 : something that is actual : fact, reality
— in actuality : in actual fact

I said in the beginning of my blog that it is likely I will change my mind as I progress in life. In my course of life, until now, I used the word “truth” improperly. I should be using the latter definition of actuality. When I give a statement, I’m telling the truth stating actuality.

Almost a New Year

It’s almost 2014. It’s so close that people have really ramped up talking about it on social media. So I figured I’d leave some last words for this year for me to reflect on this time next year.

I’ve really learned a LOT this year.

I learned about myself. My own capabilities, insecurities, passions, failures, successes… I’ve learned that I can still change some things about myself and my way of thinking- not because it’s wrong or bad, but so I can be better understood. I’ve learned that a year is a blip on the radar of life and this, too, shall pass. I’ve also learned that a year can completely change someone’s life. This year has definitely been a life-changing year. It excites me that because of this year’s many challenges, I’m prepared for an immense growth over the next year.

I’ve learned from others. I’ve learned that there really are some terrible people in the world. (Gone are the days of blissful ignorance.) I’ve learned that there are some truly remarkable people out there who sacrifice their time and emotions to lend it to those in need. I’ve learned about the power of perception. I’ve learned that I don’t need to defend myself repeatedly because those who truly know me do understand me and that’s all that really matters. I’ve learned that not everyone is willing to listen. I’ve learned that silence can be a remarkable strength of self-restraint. I’ve learned that my strength of character shines once people get to know me. I’ve learned to take constructive criticism of myself (from those coming from an honest, caring place) and to swallow my pride- I can’t grow without looking deeply in the mirror.

The lessons I’ve learned this past year gives me a confidence that I can handle quite a bit and I know when I need to ask for help or advice and when I need to give up and move on. I’m stubborn, though, so my giving up might take longer than the average person. There are some things I’m so passionate about that I will never truly give up until there’s a resolution. (Or maybe it’s that I’m too stubborn to give up trying?) I don’t think passion or even stubbornness are bad qualities to possess. Just look at MLK, JFK, Nelson Mandela…

Where the Power Lies

If you’ve never seen “The Secret“, I suggest you do. I only recently watched it, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t just watch it; I continued thinking about it. We have power within our minds. It’s not something that we can see, but it exists. If we believe something strong enough, we can create it.

But the movie stops there… the power lies within yourself. I wanted to expand my thinking beyond just myself.

I started thinking about the higher power than self. Selflessness. The Power of Love. There is an undeniable strength when we think about someone other than ourselves. It is a far greater power than a selfish want. We don’t even need to know the person to tap into that strength of others. Imagine a person trapped under a car and you are the only person there to help. You have that power that isn’t there under normal circumstances.

“The Secret” is the Law of Attraction. To truly tap into that on a powerful scale, it requires a second being.