Silence is Golden

Silence cannot be misquoted.


Centuries 5 years ago, when I first got on Facebook, I updated my status like a champ. It seemed every little move I made in my daily life was suddenly an important notification for my friends, family, acquaintances and some random people who helped me with my restaurant game. Of course they all wanted to know where I was going to lunch, what I was making for dinner, what tv shows I watched, and when I was tired and heading to bed. (Note: sarcasm)

I have friends and family all over the country and beyond the US borders, so it was nice to see pictures and hear they were doing well and to be able to “keep up” with everyone. Pictures were “liked”, statuses were “liked”, and comments were made on each to show I had been there and those people mattered to me. The strange thing is that it’s all illusion.

People don’t always write what’s truly going on in their lives when they’re stressed or upset. Those who do we secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) think they need to keep their problems out of our lives.

I’ve grown out of the hourly, daily status update. I’m now at the point that an update only occurs when something of meaning or purpose (or a cute picture of my child) should be shared. I try to leave my opinions at the door unless they can be further explained. My daily activities are not newsworthy. My opinions aren’t necessary to share unless requested- except in this format.

Even in this format, it is unnecessary to fill space (and the internet) with useless, meaningless fodder. I’d rather spend the time writing with purpose than filling my readers with words that mean nothing.

With that, it may be quiet in my cyber space for some time.


One thought on “Silence is Golden

  1. D. Huffman says:

    Enjoyed the read. No doubt your words should be a lesson for those who fill their digital space with self-absorbing irrelevancy.

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