Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights

On the post Dark Truth, I had linked a YouTube video that featured Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights at the end of the video.

I wanted to find out more and they have a DVD and information packet available to the public. I requested the DVD and information so I could pass the information onto my readers, friends, family, peers and my current teachers. (I write this in excited anticipation of receiving it.)

The American public has been brainwashed to believe certain stigmas about mental illness. I like to research details to come to my own conclusions. This is a dirty secret that needs to be spread- for yourself, friends, family members and the millions of children effected by the lies of society.

I’ve signed up with a couple other Human Rights websites in the past, but this Commission is the first to follow up with me, personally. I’m excited to work with them in my area in the near future.

Please don’t just believe my word. This organization has done an immense amount of research over many years. Take a minute to read their tireless effort to give us the truth of “mental illness”.

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