Late Bloomer

I didn’t go to college right out of high school. I’m past the age of a college grad, but decided it’s never too late to get a higher education. In the years since high school, I’ve studied multiple subjects. I love to learn and research. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself since beginning my journey to a degree. One major discovery was that my adult social interactions had been stunted. It’s not like I’ve been locked in a closet, I do know how to communicate in social settings, but not as well as my peers. Social media has definitely stunted this social growth experience.

With social media, we have a wide open space to give our opinions and we get a sense that people want to hear our opinions. It’s just not so. I have a lot of opinions, but as the old saying goes, “Opinions are like…” well, you know. It’s very selfish, and not entirely “socially acceptable” behavior. I’m still going to give my opinions. I just won’t waste my breath trying to convince anyone I’m right or that they should have more respect for my opinion rather than someone else’s.

As I discover some interesting things I’m learning about the affect social media has had on my social experience, I will share my thoughts and opinions. It’s only from learning from others’ experiences that there will be any type of understanding.

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