Self-Discovery on Social Media

In life, we’re often wrong about choices we make and words we choose to say. Many times we luck out and have few witnesses to our mistakes. Those decisions we were so sure of while we made them become a distant memory for ourselves and those who were affected by them- we take the learning experience out and move onward and upward (at least, that is the hope). Some times, our quick change of plans or of mind benefits us and we are able to avoid a disaster. At times, we assert ourselves over something so miniscule that it has absolutely no impact in our daily lives. I know I’ve heard a song and was so sure that it was a particular artist that I stood my ground and argued that it was who I was sure it was only to find out I was wrong. I apologized and was embarassed that I was arguing something so insignificant. I was so sure I was right. That happens so often, but we don’t really think twice about it. This is not allowed on social media.

You can’t change your mind. Ever. Your opinion is out there. If you do change your mind, you will get harassed if it is not the opinion anyone who read or commented on it wants you to have. If you have new information and change your mind on something, you are a liar. If you change your opinion because someone comments something that makes sense, you are taking sides. Is the first opinion your true opinion or is it your second? Why did you change your mind? In the end, how you come to a conclusion doesn’t really matter to anyone. At least, not in social media.

Actually, even in social settings, nobody really cares how one comes to their conclusion. They just want to hear the bottom line. Forget the process in how you came to your conclusion, to others, it’s insignificant babble. I found that interesting and had a conversation with a friend about it. The friend pointed out that during conversations, I elaborate my opinions with seemingly unnecessary information to my conclusion. I never noticed did I that, but I was happy to have it pointed out to me. I explained that I try to form my writing similar to the Scientific Method. I don’t want the reader (or listener) to just take my word at face value, I want him/her to know the process that made me come to my conclusions to have a deeper understanding of why I hold the opinion I do. It all gets lost in translation, anyway, and becomes unnecessary information that gets pushed out by the reader/listener. It helped me understand much of the experiences I have had regarding sharing my opinions on social media and why it was/n’t accepted.

With this being my first post, I will preface my entire blog by saying I will likely change my mind on some issues. It may be that I had a life experience to help me understand my opinion more fully or that someone comments something that holds value or that I came upon new information. Whatever reason it is, it is inevitable. I may be wrong several times. It may take 5 different opinions of my own before I decide which direction I will go. This is life. This is self-discovery in social media.

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